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Valentine’s Day Essential Oil Blend

Feb 12, 2019 10:04:09 AM / by Josh Wilford

Have you ever made a love potion? No, you haven’t because love potions only exist in works of fiction like Harry Potter. Instead, try creating a romantic environment by using the natural option that might be easy to forget, essential oils. To be clear, neither you or anyone else should ingest the following recipe because instead of falling in love you will be falling ill, and nobody needs that on Valentine’s day. This recipe is usually best when used aromatically to create the perfect Valentine’s day mood in your house.

Essential oils as most people know, are distilled oils from natural plant-based sources. These oils have the properties of the plants that they were distilled from, but because of the concentration they are exponentially more potent. Because of this potency, the right blend of essential oils will make the perfect Valentine’s day love potion:

Valentine's Day Essential Oil Recipe

The three drops of rose oil in the special Valentine’s day blend will bring the elegance and healing properties of roses into your home. The neroli oil will act as a stress reliever to help ease tensions and fill the air with a calming mist. The jasmine oil, which has been used for hundreds of years in Asia, will not only fill the air with a sweet smell, but will also help fight emotional stress and low libido. The combination of the three oils will sweeten your home and provide an unmistakably romantic environment.

The Valentine’s day essential oil blend above can be used topically or aromatically. Try mixing things up by using diffusers in different rooms throughout the house or by using different types of diffusers such as the Oasis Shower Diffuser.

Use the benefits of essential oils to your advantage and do something different this Valentine’s day by using this “love potion blend” throughout your home. While love potions aren’t real, and it's probably good that they aren’t, trying this recipe might be the next best thing for creating that perfect environment.

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Josh Wilford

Written by Josh Wilford

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