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How to Make Your Own DIY Diffusers

Mar 4, 2019 2:12:48 PM / by Josh Wilford


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Diffusing essential oils can reduce stress, help fight colds, and smell great, but finding the right way to diffuse them is the tricky part. Diffusers can be expensive and different types of diffusers produce vastly different types of results. For example, ultrasonic diffusers can fill a room with essential oils in only a few minutes, but other diffusers can take hours. Finding the right diffuser for you can be a difficult decision but making and customizing your own provides another option.

Whether you want to save money, make a fun craft project or want a more natural way to diffuse essential oils, making a DIY diffuser is a great idea. Making a DIY diffuser gives you more freedom to use the materials you want to use and control when and how the oil diffuses. You can also guarantee that nobody else will have the same type of diffuser as you.

There are many varied types of diffusers to make, but the most important thing to remember is to customize it, so it best fits your needs! You will find three types of DIY diffusers below, but those are just meant to be a starting point, so you can create your own type of diffuser. Another important tip is to always remember to test yourself and your loved ones for allergies to any essential oils before you start to diffuse them.

Clay diffusers


clay essential oil diffuser

Clay diffusers are some of the best because they are so versatile. They can be made into different shapes to fit any style. They can be painted and hung up or used as table decorations. All it takes is a few simple ingredients and a little bit of creativity.


  • Self-rising clay (or hardened clay if you don’t want to make your own design)
  • A clay mold in the desired shape
  • Painting/ cutting tools if so desired

There are many types of clay and rock that work well as diffusers such as lava rocks, terra cotta clay, and really any clay that is absorbent. If you want to make your own, simply work the clay, put it through the mold, and only paint the front so you can put a drop of essential oil on the back.

Clay works great because it can be used in any setting and the scent lasts for a long time. The types of things you can make are nearly limitless, but a few good ideas are bracelets and necklaces, ornaments, centerpieces, paperweights and decorative art.

Around-the-house diffusers


washer and dryer

This type of diffuser is one of the most fun because you can make one out of anything in your house. Around-the-house diffusers are the cheapest option because you can use items that you already use every day to diffuse your essential oils.

Possible household items to diffuse essential oils:

  • Heating/ AC filter- a few drops should diffuse oils throughout the house
  • Inside of toilet paper roll and paper towel roll- a few drops of oil will diffuse oil every time the roll is turned
  • Dishwasher- can be used with liquid detergent or in place of to give dishes a fresh natural scent
  • Washer- can be used with non-scented detergent to give clothes a unique fresh scent

Most household items can be used to diffuse oils through your house, so make your home truly yours by getting it to smell how you want. Diffusing oils this way even lets you easily control what each room smells like. If you want the bathroom to smell like lemon and the living room like lavender, it’s not a problem because the smell is faint enough that they will not overpower one another.

Reed diffusers


reed essential oil diffuser

Many reed diffusers are available to buy, but why buy when you can make your own that works even better. Reed diffusers are easy to make and are infinitely customizable. They are great because they make fantastic centerpieces and compliment many different styles.

How to make a reed diffuser:

  • A glass container with a narrow opening (to slow evaporation)
  • 1/4 cup of a light oil like apricot kernel oil or safflower oil
  • 15-20 drops essential oil
  • Two Tbsp of alcohol to help oils travel up reeds
  • Reed sticks or softer wood twigs (depending on the aesthetic that you want)

Reed diffusers are perhaps the most stylish choice because of the elegant options available for vases to put the reeds in. Reed diffusers can be as simple or as fancy as you want all depending on the type of vases and reeds that you use.

Making your own essential oil diffusers can save you money, give your home its own unique touch and be a fun rainy-day craft project. The most important thing to remember is that making DIY diffusers lets you customize the scent of your home.

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