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How to Make Essential Oil Shower Steamers

Jul 12, 2019 9:08:00 AM / by Kendall Johnson



Having steam baths had always been a very popular thing in the past and the world today. Steam baths go beyond just doing it for luxury or beauty- they were used in the past as a means of healing. Olden day's physicians were able to extract plant essence and put them into the air when having the steam bath. The inhaled air alongside with the herbal extracts is used to treat ailments and to relax the muscle and mind.

Steam Showers & Aromatherapy

The healing benefits that some herbal plants hold can be used in the process of a steam bath. This can be done in the shower by making use of these shower steamers. Shower steamers are small shaped discs (and other shapes) that are kept it the shower, away from the reach of water. As splashes of water touch it, the essential oils on them are released into the air, giving you an aroma-therapeutic bath. This shower steam also holds the same benefits as the essential oil itself; they help clear the mind, fight headache, relax the muscle, and keep you calm. The most exciting part is that the shower steam can be made into any type that you want, depending on the essential oil you wish to use.

Making Essential Oil Shower Steam

Shower steam is an excellent way to apply aromatherapy through the shower. The recipe for making shower steam include 2 cups of baking soda, Citric acid, distilled water, arrowroot powder (can also use corn-starch), and drops of the needed essential oil. The recipes are very simple. The fun part about making the shower steam is deciding on which shape to cut out and what essential oil to use.

The Making:

Step 1: Put the baking soda, citric acid and arrowroot powder (can also use corn-starch) in a bowl. Mix until you have a fine mixture- there should be no lumps.

Step 2: Add water to the mixture one teaspoon at a time to ensure that the mixture is well-formed. It should make a ball when squeezed in hand. Too much water will keep the mixture reacting, forming more puff.

Step 3: Once you have your mixture ready, fill them into the shaper to form molds and ensure they are in place. The mixture with too much will continue to rise as it is being poured into the shaper. You can stop this by adding more powder to the mix.

Step 4: Leave the molds outside to dry. Well-hardened molds will remove easily, but if it is still wet, it will not remove easily.

Step 5: Drop the needed essential oil right on top of the dry steamers and keep them in airtight containers to prevent the essential oil from evaporating off.

How to Use:

Place the steamer at a far end of the shower. Putting it directly where water can reach will cause it to fizz off easily. Splashes of water that reach the steamer will activate it, and release the essential oil into the air. Have your steamy bath and enjoy the aroma-therapeutic benefit of the oil used.

Here are some health benefits that are attached to the use of essential oils:

  • To treat anxiety and boost the immune system.
  • To create a cleaner atmosphere.
  • Helps to take care of the skin by removing wrinkles.
  • Some are potent insect repellent.
  • To help treat headaches.

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