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How to Diffuse Essential Oils without a Diffuser

Apr 9, 2019 5:30:49 PM / by Kendall Johnson

Do you often wish you could find a better method for using your essential oils without a diffuser? A lot of times it seems it feels like we are obligated to pull out our ultrasonic diffusers to aromatically enjoy the benefits of essential oils. You might also want to enjoy the wonderful aromas of essential oils, but perhaps your diffuser broke, or you do not have one because you don't have enough cash to splash out on a diffuser right now. No worries!

Fortunately, there are a whole lot of ways to use essential oils without a diffuser.

Cotton Balls DIY Diffuser


cotton raw


You can achieve this by putting a cotton ball into a bottle of empty essential oil bottle. Insert the cotton ball in and the lid back on. Then, let it sit for about 48 hours so the cotton ball can soak up every last bit of the essential oil. With the use of a tweezer or skewer, remove the cotton ball and place it in conspicuous places around the home.

Furnace Filters

This is another easy way of diffusing essential oils without a diffuser. This can be achieved by placing a few drops of essential oils on your furnace filter. After this is done, when air blows through the filter, your oils will be diffused through your home. Whenever you replace a filter, add a few drops of your favorite essential oils or oils combination. It is advisable to choose oils that provide a pleasing aroma rather than those that might give off an overpowering fragrance.

Pillow or Linen Sprays




To achieve this, you will need an almost empty bottle of oil, a little witch hazel, a spray top, and some water. Put the ingredients into your 15ml bottle, attach the spray and it's done. Use this to spray your pillows and sheets and allow to dry before returning to bed.

Stuffed Animal




This method is a lot similar to the pillow method. Use kid-friendly oils on one of their favorite stuffed animals. This is effective for using oils to help you sleep at night.

Shower Steamer

This method is for those who love the aromatherapy benefits of bath bombs or some who might want to try shower melts. The recipe includes 1 cup baking soda, 1/3 cupped distilled water, and 25 drops of essential oils. Mix your formula together and thicken the consistency of the mixture by adding a small amount of baking soda. After this is done, spoon into silicone molds. Leave it to air dry for 24-48 hours then store in airtight containers after it has dried completely.

When you are about to use, place a shower steam on the floor of your shower. Place it on a spot where it can get but out of the main water stream. It will dissolve and give off the aroma of the essential oil immediately the water hits it.

On a final note, there are dozens of ways to diffuse oils without a diffuser. We only provided a few that are mostly used and efficient. Essential oils as we all know is the best approach relaxing and charging up ourselves. We hope you can try out the above methods. Good luck!

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