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How to Diffuse Essential Oils with Reeds

Apr 18, 2019, 9:30:00 AM / by Kendall Johnson


A reed diffuser is one of the great ways of enjoying your favorite scents in the comfort of your home. It's a go-to-option for either aromatherapy or freshening up the house. The good thing about reed diffusers is that they can be easily made at home. As long as you have base oils and essential oils with reed sticks and a narrow opening container, you can easily start your DIY reed diffuser.

A reed diffuser consists of a small vase or container filled with essential oils and reed sticks. The oil wicks up the reeds and expels the fragrance into the room where the diffuser stays on consistently.

How to make your own Reed Diffuser with essential oils

To make your reed diffuser from the comfort of your home you need the following ingredients:

  • 1/2 cup of Base oil
  • 30-50 drops of essential oil
  • Small narrow Container
  • Reed Sticks

Once all of these ingredients are available, you can proceed to make your reed diffuser through the following steps:

  1. Fill the small narrow container with 1/2 cup of base oil.
  2. Pour in 30-50 drops of your essential oil into the small container containing the base oil.
  3. Place the reed sticks in the container.

The base oil serves as an instrument that aids the dilution of the essential oils you plan on using. It also prevents evaporation and assists the essential oils in wicking up the reeds diffuser so they can disperse freely into the air.

Reed Diffuser Kits (Precautions)

The kit-style reed diffusers are usually made with contaminated oil, chemicals capable of disrupting the hormonal system, and all sorts of harmful things. These reed diffuser kits typically come with a container of scents which is filled up with chemicals that can potentially cause harm.

Even though these kits smell nice, they are hazardous to one's state of health and should be discarded. You can enjoy a much healthier way of diffusing your essential oils by making your own reed diffuser using organic essential oils and other healthy ingredients. This style of diffusing has proven to be much healthier and less risky.

Advantages of Reed Diffusers

- They are affordable and less expensive to make depending on the quality and amount of essential oils used.

- Reed diffusers are highly stylish as they promote a good sense of style.

- They are easy to make within the comfort of the home and are easily enjoyable.

Disadvantages of Reed Diffusers

- Unlike nebulizers or ultrasonic diffusers, the scent is limited to a small zone around the reeds rather than carried throughout the entire room.

- Because a large quantity of essential oils is needed to make reed diffusers, they turn out to be a little bit expensive.

- Although reed diffusers produce lovely scents, the majority of them come as part of a kit which includes a fragrance part that is made up of harmful chemicals and inorganic substances.

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