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How to Diffuse Essential Oils in the Car

May 28, 2019 11:36:19 AM / by Kendall Johnson



Essential oils can never go out of style. With their unique aromatherapy qualities, they have wide-ranging physical and mental effects on all of us. While some of them serve as stress level reducers, others can increase your mental alertness and concentration. That means that they not only help you have a more pleasant driving experience but can also make it safer for you and others in the car as well.

How to use essential oil car diffuser:

Step 1: Get clip

Get an essential oil diffuser that can clip onto air vents in your vehicle. Clips vary in designs, and they also come with different colored scent pads. The pads serve as a base where your oil settles before it disperses.

Step 2: Pick an oil

The oils you pick have to suit you and your passengers. These essential oils should be energizing and invigorating. Pick oils that make the driver feel mentally alert as well as provide comfort, not those that make the driver feel dreamy and less alert. These essential oils range from lemon, orange, and mandarin to rosemary and ginger. Stay away from oils such as lavender and chamomile, as they possess floral fragrances which most people find too relaxing.

Step 3: Add drops

Add drops of the essential oil to the car diffuser according to your preference. About 5-7 drops would be enough to give that aromatic fragrance over some time. Place the scent pad into the diffuser car clip and then close the lid.

Step 4: Clip on

Clip your car diffuser into one of the air vents in the car. The diffuser has large holes in the back to allow air flow from the vent to pass through the scent pad and carry the aroma all around the vehicle.

Step 5: Enjoy the ride

Enjoy the comforting and relaxing aroma as you drive around to your destination with an uplifted mood. Re-scent as needed to maintain the aromatic atmosphere.

Alternative Means

The simplest way of diffusing essential oils would be to place a tissue with few drops of the aromatic oil of your choice on the dashboard. The heat coming from the engine will help to disperse the oil around the car.

Alternatively, you could replicate the felt air freshener you hang in the car, but instead of synthetic fibers, you could use a sheet of wool felt as it is thicker and sturdier. Cut the wool felt into any shape of your choice and punch a hole at one of the ends. Thread a piece of twine through the hole and knot the ends together. Add a few drops of the chosen essential oil on the felt and hang it.

Always bear in mind that these essential oils are highly concentrated and potent. Too much might have a negative effect on you. Since cars have limited space and ventilation, few drops should be used at a time based on the size of the vehicle and the number of passengers. Open up a window if anyone feels uncomfortable, to let in the fresh air.

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