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Health Benefits of Diffusing Lavender Essential Oil in the Shower

Feb 19, 2019 12:12:11 PM / by Kendall Johnson


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Lavender’s mild, cooling properties are calming, comforting, and have been known to help correct many conditions. Lavender is often thought of as “the universal oil” and can be mixed with many other oils to gain a great deal of benefit. Aromatherapists often say that lavender is a “must-have” oil.

Lavender, known officially as Lavandula angustifolia, is known for its sweet, relaxing scent. It is classified as a middle note oil. But depending on what its mixed with, it could be thought of as a top or key note. The contents include lineally acetate, coumarin, enroll, cineol, Lavandulyl acetate, caryophyllene, geranial, linalool, and fat aldehydes.

Among essential oils offered on the market today, lavender oil is definitely one of the most versatile of all. This oil can be used in various aspects of our lives for both our physical and mental wellness, as well as to help keep our homes smelling fresh and clean.


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For centuries, people have been aware of the many marvels that this plant offers. The name lavender is derived from the Latin root word lavare which signifies “to wash”. It’s stated to have been put to use hundreds of years in the past in bathhouses to help cleanse the body and spirit.

With that being said, lavender oil is able to do even more than merely cleanse or detoxify. Recent reports indicate that this essential oil can also help diminish pain in individuals who have just undergone surgical treatment.

According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, research was performed in which 50 patients who had experienced breast biopsy surgery were provided with either an oxygen compound with lavender oil or oxygen on its own. The analysis showed that those who had their oxygen masks stimulated with this plant’s essential oil had greater pain control and required much less pain medication in comparison with individuals who had oxygen alone.

NYU Langone Medical Center conducted a similar study with people who have undergone gastric banding surgery and they also displayed identical results. These bits of information show how fantastic and valuable lavender oil is and should not be taken for granted.

Aside from decreasing pain, another well-known health benefit of lavender oil is its capability to encourage sleep for people who are struggling to do so. French lavender oil has certain qualities that can help reduce activity in the nervous system. This could help calm one’s body, enhancing the quality of sleep.

Various other components in lavender oil include properties that are analgesic, anticonvulsive, antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, anti-rheumatic, antiseptic, antispasmodic, antitussive, antivenomus, carminative, decongestant, deodorant, diuretic, insecticide, nervine and sedative. Some people think of lavender as a “first aid kit” in just one bottle!

Physical Benefits

Lavender has been known to be very effective when used for skin care, specifically acne or dry skin. For relief from stress migraines, place several drops on the temples. If you have been out in the sun recently and are looking for something to comfort and cool your skin, lavender essential oil will do just that. It also works against bug bites and lowers blood pressure due to its anti-stress characteristics.

Mental Effects

Lavender’s comforting and peaceful effects help provide stress relief. Some people love how lavender essential oil works as an antidepressant and helps improve moods. If you have trouble sleeping, lavender essential oils can help you sleep better because of the mild depressant impact it has.


When using lavender, there are some precautions you should take. The most important would be to make sure that you find high-quality oils. Many variations of this oil are sold, and not all of them are high quality. So if you find one that is extremely cheap in price, then it’s probably one that you should stay away from, as it won't give you the benefits of real lavender essential oil.


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