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Health Benefits of Cassia Essential Oil

Feb 23, 2019 3:36:00 PM / by Kendall Johnson


Cassia essential oil is somewhat similar to cinnamon essential oil. Both are from the same botanical family (Lauraceae) and both are derived from the bark of the plant. But they are actually from two different plants. Cassia is from Cinnamomum cassia, while cinnamon is Cinnamomum zeylanicum. Cassia has a spicy, warm aroma, but sweeter than cinnamon.

Cassia is most commonly used to support the immune system. Especially when it needs an extra boost! It can also be used in cooking if you’ve got a quality brand that is safe for internal use.

Modern uses show cassia to have antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal properties and to also be an immune system builder. No wonder the ancient world was able to protect itself against plagues. They had powerful oils and spices available! As a spice, it is used extensively in the east. Medicinal uses are mainly for digestive complaints such as gas, colic, diarrhea and nausea, as well as the common cold, rheumatism, kidney, and reproductive complaints. In Chinese medicine, it is used particularly for vascular disorders.

When using cassia on the skin, be sure to dilute it well with a carrier oil. It can be blended frankincense, myrrh, or aloes/sandalwood and diluted in a carrier oil to create a holy oil for anointing. Cassia can also be diffused or used as incense.

Physical Benefits:

  • Promotes healthy digestion
  • Supports healthy immune function
  • Warming, uplifting aroma

Emotional Benefits:

Emotionally, cassia essential oil is said to encourage a person’s sense of self, inner strength, and courage. In this way, it may be helpful to support a person’s confidence, ability to “put themselves out there”, or try new things as they feel self-assured in their ability and worth.

Cassia oil has been used historically to treat various digestive problems including indigestion, constipation, and diarrhea. Cassia essential oil is a natural anti-diarrheal, eliminating toxins, bacteria, and viruses associated with the condition. The fiber content in the essential oil binds bowels to help put a screeching halt to further diarrhea episodes.

Cassia essential oil helps stimulate blood circulation, delivering nutrients and oxygen to all parts of your body. When your body enjoys good circulation, it not only gets nutrients needed to thrive, but it also helps reduce painful inflammation and muscle aches.

It also reduces instances of disease, spreads soothing warmth throughout the body, and encourages urination - effectively ridding the body of toxins. Improving circulation also improves cardiac health, helping to reduce instances of heart attack and stroke.

Cassia essential oil also helps to stop diarrhea by alleviating inflammation that may be responsible for any gastrointestinal distress. It also has antimicrobial properties that can help fight the germs responsible for your illness.

Caution: it causes irritation if applied to the skin without diluting with a carrier oil since it is high in aldehydes.

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Kendall Johnson

Written by Kendall Johnson